College told by the McDade Babes

College is such a unique experience that I do not think anyone will ever have fully figured out. But here is our shot through graduation pictures:

When you see that cute boy around campus and you make it real awkward:



When people ask what you are doing with your life and you say being a kid forever:



You will walk and walk and walk and walk the same paths again and again:



When someone asks you if you want to get food: 



Sometimes you need to find a new perspective: 



Crosswalks SUCK as a pedestrian and a car: 



When you are faking it until you make and your professor has no idea: 



You may watch your GPA fall like confetti, but you won’t be as happy: 



When you tell your friends embarrassing stories: 



When your favorite song comes on at Back Bar: 



Sometimes college might feel like it is going to kill you: 



But do not fret, you WILL make it through. A different and hopefully better person:


I absolutely love these people, this town, this college! So much so that I will be staying around another year. Throughout this bitter sweet time I am choosing to be joyful, because I know that life is just beginning!

Spread contagious Joy & Laughter.


[Photo Credit: Noah Granger]


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