7 Things to Know About the NFL Draft

So recently I went to an event that was a smaller-scale, replica of the NFL Draft. It was so interesting, but I quickly realized that I knew nothing about the real draft. Although I would consider myself a pretty informed and enthusiastic sports fan and sports is the job field I am most interested in, I found my flaws.

Now I have educated myself, but here are 7 ways to help you not be illiterate about the NFL Draft:

  1. It has been a special event since 1936. The aesthetics have evolved, but it has always been a major event.

    Photo Credit: fanspeak.com

    2. Representatives from each NFL team is in attendance at the same time.


    Photo Credit: blog.redskins.com

    3. “On the clock,” is a common term referring to the amount of seconds teams have in between picks to chose their player.


    Photo Credit: dynastyfootballwarehouse.com

    4. There are currently 7 rounds, where 32 teams pick one player each round.


    Photo Credit: steelers.com

    5. The pick order is determined from the previous year’s post season results.So the worse a team did the closer they are to the first pick.


    Photo Credit: youtube.com

    6. If the President speaks that does not mean the President of the United States, so don’t look for Obama. It means the President/ Commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell.


    Photo Credit: espn.go.com

    7. There are table runner, which I got to be at my event, who delivers the hand written pick to the Vice President to review and announce.


    Photo Credit: bleacherreport.com

    There are many many more details and rules to the draft, but they still confuse me so this is a start. My biggest advice would be to tune in to ESPN starting on April 28th at 8 P.M.

    Keep choosing to learn about the fields you are interest in. Therefore, I’ll be watching too!

    Spread contagious Joy & Laughter.




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