16 Things to Learn in College

As the dawn of LDOC (Last Day of Class) quickly approaches, my time as a college student is coming to an end. Everyone always said to enjoy this time of your life because it would go by fast and of course I never believed them. Come to find out it was true!

While people gave me insight about taking everything in, they did not prepare me at all for the adjustment to college life. The transition to college was super difficult, and looking back there were many things I wish I had known.

So here is my list in the midst of reflection:

  1. Don’t compare yourself to others.
    • We all came from a different background and are all headed in different directions.
  2. Tests won’t matter much
    • If it goes bad be upset for a little bit, vent to someone if needed, then move on! Really, MOVE ON!
  3. Go to sporting events and actually YELL!
    • Bodies don’t make much of a difference, we need noise for a home field advantage.
  4. Take your eyes off the screen
    • Life is happening all around you, not on social media
  5. Do your research on classes & professors before you enroll
    • Not every professor-student relationship is a good fit; find yours when possible. It can make or break your experience!
  6. Don’t get caught up in the partying
    • But don’t be scared of it either. Find a good balance! An employer might not be impressed on how fast you can chug something, but it might be a nice conversation starter at some point.
  7. Find those friends that will gladly join you in spontaneous, embarrassing actions, but will also pick you up when you are down. 
    • They will last after college. Shoutout to you McDade Babes, De’Nasia, Tyler.
  8. Spend time in an empty stadium, especially Kenan Memorial
    • Great place for quiet studying/thinking on a beautiful day.
  9. Be kind to everyone you see
    • The world is harsh to us already, don’t add to that.
  10. Eat your veggies!
    • Your parents aren’t there to remind you, but a balanced diet makes your body feel so refreshed!
  11. Choose socializing over homework occasionally.
    • This becomes natural by your senior year.
  12. Give up some sleep!
    • Get enough rest, but stay up late when it is worth it! “When you’re older you will remember the memories from the nights you stayed up too late, not the ones you got a good sleep!”~Myra Gebbie
  13. Don’t put your worth in worldly things!
    • People and things will eventually fail you
  14. Always maintain a student-learning mentality.
    • It is an attractive characteristic for employers
  15. Never skip breakfast!
    • You will regret it all day and will not be able to focus.
  16. LOVE yourself! ❤
    • YOU ARE AWESOME & INCREDIBLY LOVED BY THE MAKER OF THE UNIVERSE! There is nothing more or less that you can do to change that.


I hope this list gets to someone who needs the advice. But heck, some of the fun was figuring this out firsthand. Everything you experience shapes and molds you, so be joyful and embrace it!

Spread contagious Joy & Laughter.



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