Coincidence or Nah?

Welcome to another post that reveals more about myself and shares some of the nonsense that goes on in my brain just so you guys do not think I’m too serious! If you asked I would definitely consider myself one of the funniest people I know, not because I’m actually witty and say funny things but more from my quirkiness on a day to day basis.

So my favorite color is orange! Yea yea, I know what you’re thinking “Ew. Why. No one likes that color.” Well it partially started in middle school when I wanted to be different from my peers. Pink, blue and purple were just so ordinary. So back then I choose yellow because it reminded me of sunshine and it was my best friend’s favorite color too! While I realize that contradicts my previous statement, it was totally cool to match everything your bff did back then. Trust me!
Somewhere along the way my favorite color turned to orange, still close to the same family but a revamped change.

Now when I am referring to orange being my favorite color this does not mean I want to start wearing anything orange I can find or paint my room orange, because let’s face it there can be a thing as too much orange! It is also a hard color to pull off depending on the shade. Once I wore an orange shirt that I guess was a little to bright for some people’s liking, because the janitor at school told me directly “Better watch out I might hit ya because you look like a traffic cone.” #hurtful or maybe it was good advice not to wear it again. I just think orange is a pleasant color for accent things, such as binders, pencils, pillows and towels.

Looking back I’m not sure when or why exactly the color transitioned from yellow to orange. I think too many people were liking yellow (can you say #trendsetter??, totally kidding), so obviously I had to move on. But now I have realized that most of my favorite and most frequently eaten foods are in the orange family. Admire the list below:

Goldfish (Snack crackers)
Sweet potato fries
Bell Peppers
Sunny D

Sorry I feel like I just gave you my grocery list. No, but for real this is serious. Now I’m conflicted and do not know whether I like orange because my favorite foods are orange, or if they are my favorite foods because I’m drawn to the color. You may label this as a minute issue, but I was actually asked about this in an interview the the other day so it deserves thought!

Maybe it is just a coincidence, but goldfish will forever be Bae because of everything about them (taste, color, smiles)! I also wonder if anyone else has ever noticed this about themselves? If not, I am okay with choosing to acceptance my weirdness and find joy in food!

Spread contagious Joy & Laughter.



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