Day of Births

It’s my birthday!!!

April 13th has come again, but this time it feels a bit different. And no it is not because I am a year older and it feels sooooo different now (cue sarcasm). Usually, I am one of those obnoxious people who have a countdown until the day…sorry to all my high school friends who had to endure that. This year life has been moving in such a whirlwind that my birthday just crept up on me and *poof* appeared!

Nonetheless, I believe birthdays are so special and should be celebrated over the top!

Here are the four things I love about having a special day to celebrate you:

  1. THE FOOD! Many birthday celebrations revolve around good food and even tastier desserts and my belly could not be more pleased! I mean calories don’t count on your birthday, right?


2. Dancing around to obnoxiously loud music all day because it’s your birthday dance! 476806075

3. Responding to everything with “It’s my birthday I can do what I want.” Even if you are not a sassy person, it is still fun trying to pull the princess card for the day! crown-1157720_1280

4. Most importantly, my favorite part of birthdays is feeling loved by so many people! Whether it is sent through a phone and social media, or felt in person it means so much. I rarely feel more special than when my family and friends get together just to celebrate me! 524384551

Thanks to everyone for making me feel so loved and blessed! It was a truly joy filled day!  I’ll try and limit my celebrations to a few days, not my usual “Birthday Week.”

Spread continuous Joy & Laughter.





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