Away for the Holidays

Hello beautiful people! Sorry if you feel like you have not heard from me lately, but I have definitely been thinking of you! As many of you know it is half way through March Madness, one of the greatest times in sports, and I have been lucky enough to be traveling for the majority of my days lately.

While I would not trade any of these emotional roller coaster games for anything in the world, I will be missing my first holiday with my family, ever. I have a very small immediate family so around the holiday seasons if one person is missing you can definitely tell. My parents go all out for holidays! Like Santa still wraps all of my presents, the Easter Bunny still drops off a basket after dying eggs and I get to celebrate a birthday week (not just day)…and I am almost 22.

Therefore, holidays always have a special place in my heart. Of course the true meanings behind the holidays are the main focus, but I love the worldly aspects of bringing people together and food too!

Similar to many of you I am a creature of habit and do not always deal well with change. On my eighteenth birthday and Easter Sunday I woke up early for Sunrise Service to open my Easter basket like always but this time it felt so different and lonely. It was the first holiday that my brother, who is 6 years older than I, was not present for. I opened my basket alone and it all felt empty. Additionally, my boyfriend (I know I haven’t really mentioned him before, but yes he exists) was in Spain making it difficult to communicate leaving me all in my feelings. I remember going to my room and crying. Crying because things were not the way they had been for the previous 18 years and they never would be anymore.

Tomorrow I will be missing my first Easter at home. I won’t have the familiarity of going to my home church, instead I will be visiting one where I know no one. There will be no home cooked Easter lunch. and no family around. My fear is that it will be easy to forget that it is such a special day among all the crazy events happening. While this is mostly a one time thing, it kind of represents the reality of changes happening as I soon enter the real world.Life will be all about the hustle and bustle and I won’t be at home anymore. But when finding the positive, it opens doors to the excitement of making new traditions and building more discipline of giving proper time and focus to these important days!

The first day of change starts tomorrow! Here we go!

Choose to bring an abundance of joy to this world everyday because of the gift of joy we have been given through the resurrection!

Happy Easter

Spread continuous Joy & Laughter.




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