You’re Invited

Hi guys! Maybe you stumbled on this page or are reading this out of obligation for being my friend, but no matter how you got here I’m glad you are. Throughout this blog experience my vow to you is showing honesty, starting with the fact that weirdly, my heart is racing and becoming more nervous about writing this than it has about anything in a few months. I have known for a while now that this day of openly sharing my thoughts with the world would come and even after pondering over a multitude of ideas I froze when I stared at this blank screen. To better explain possible reasons for this there are some things you should know.

I am NOT a feelings person. Like at all. I do not enjoy talking about them, expressing them or really even self-identifying them, mostly because they scare me. I love listening to others’, but if I have the choice I prefer to keep mine off limits. Now…we all have those certain friends who know how to pull emotions out of you, I call them my “deep friends,”and I am eventually thankful for connecting with my feelings on occasion. But I think this is why this process stuns me. I am now sharing thoughts and experiences to more than just my “deep friends.” For the first time ever I have the power to write about whatever I choose. It is even for a grade, and for once I truly believe my professor when he says “any topic.” Other professors sometimes say it but are secretly hinting towards one way. So I wanted to choose something I am passionate about and feel pretttyyy confident in, but not limiting this to only one thing.

So I thought about things that describe me: small-town  girl, country accent, loud, student, muscular, cheerleader, happy, loud again, friendly, short, really loud…etc. But I continued to linger on happy! Being a partial extrovert, a lot of my joy and fulfillment stems from others and in particular providing happiness for others. The deeper I thought the more it rang that this feeling of happiness is a choice. While some of this characteristic is innate, it is also  a conscious effort. One that is very important to me. So I plan to start a journey on “Choosing Joy” in the easy times and through the periods where patience is tested and hearts are broken,because I think it can sometimes be the best solution!

As of now I would not consider myself a writer, blogger or life expert of any sort and I am nervous to open myself to vulnerability, but I am hopeful this challenge will bring many rewards to both you and I! Feel free to express feedback and ask any questions. You are cordially invited on this journey, let’s begin!

Spread contagious Joy & Laughter.




6 thoughts on “You’re Invited

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